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    The Ninecor holding company has been operating in the telecom and the service B2B/B2C market since 2013.
    Since 2014 "Ninecor" departments was included in modernization of internal business processes of many companies.
   Today the company is occupied with projects of modernization for business segments as logistic, trade, crypto trade, control of the enterprise customer and a customer support (B2B, B2C), increases in level of interest by clients of the different markets, improvement outsourcing business of processes for clients, control and estimate of important information for marketing/promotion department, etc.
Expert knowledge of our professionals, creativity and talent allowed us to win one of the leading positions in Ukraine (include US/EU projects) in a customer support segment, risks analyzing, department of compliance/payment, complete development of business process for the companies.
Our experts conduct a research and collect the hidden information for customer requirements.

Our holding company includes several branches, namely:

The main services of "Ninecor" include:
• Modernization & involving of business process for new companies
• Customer support​​: Chat / Email​ / Helpdesk / Ticket systems​
• Telemarketing​ / Telesales​
• Inbound/Outbound
• Virtual Assistant​ https://va.ninecor.com
• Support for sales
• Database enhancement
• Compliance​ / Payment department​​​​
• Lead generation
• Market research

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