Data Enhancement

Data is the lifeblood of your business. Clean, accurate and comprehensive customer and prospect data is the prerequisite to any sales, marketing and customer management strategy and can deliver a range of benefits for businesses but most importantly it can help boost your sales and increase the lifetime value of your customers. It is a simple fact that in excess of 30% of your customer database will decay each year. That’s 30% of your customers who may never receive your marketing messages again. So data cleaning and data enhancement is essential for your business.

  • Data enrichment is a critical for compliance with the Data Protection Act
  • Good data quality comprehensive will reduce mailing wastage and enable you to segment your offers and promotions more accurately
  • Data hygiene will save on mailing costs
  • Clean data reduces customer defection and improves brand image
  • Data enrichment will improve match rates when aggregating database  or when  adding additional intelligence to your database
  • Data enrichment is proven to ultimately improve response rates

Customer Database Enhancement
Add customer demographic data and business firmographic data to vastly increase the value of your customer information file.
Build value added flags for ‘recency’ and frequency of customer purchase and other behaviors to better understand your customers.
Create custom user-defined variables to support business needs (customer status, lifetime value, likely next product, rank, or others), depending on available data.

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