Telemarketing is a suite of services designed to increase brand awareness and to discover new leads and opportunities via direct conversations with potential customers. Telemarketing has outbound cold calling in common with Telesales, but each call can have multiple purposes including:

  • Lead generation, qualification and segmentation
  • Appointment setting for inside sales teams
  • Market research and polling
  • Customer feedback and retention
  • Turning leads into opportunities

  • What is B2B telemarketing?

    Telemarketing is marketing conducted via the telephone to an intended market or target group. It can therefore cover a variety of functions; including lead generation, appointment setting, event support, upselling, route to market, market research, customer surveys and raising awareness. What’s the difference between telemarketing and telesales? Telemarketing and telesales are very different activities – although they are often interchangeable depending on the aims of the campaign. Telesales is used to sell a company’s products or services, and is frequently described as “cold calling”. In contrast, telemarketing is more about relationship building and has far wider possibilities. It focuses on lead generation, prospecting, appointment-setting or is used to support other marketing activities which a business may be involved in.

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